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Backup Sqlite3 with Litestream - Tutorial

What is backup and restore?

Backup: Imagine on a Sunday morning, your hard drive dies. You can't access anything. Your bitcoin wallet's private key is the only copy, and it's on that hard drive. Sounds horrifying, right? That's when a backup comes in handy and saves the day (and maybe your life too).

Restore: Backups are amazing, but if done incorrectly, you're screwed. So every time you make a backup, make sure to try restoring it, even just once is more than enough. You'll thank yourself later. You'll feel like a god, being able to see the future and prevent disasters.

In this era of information, it's crucial to have a snapshot of your important data somewhere else. Having three copies will do the trick. More is even better.

What is Sqlite3?

Sqlite3 is an amazing database; you don't need to run any processes for your database anymore. Just write …

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