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How to choose a good CPU?

Tired of not understanding all of the jargon in CPUs name, in this post I will write down what I've researched.

There are 2 major players in this field (consumer view): Intel and AMD



So you’ll notice after the i5 it might have some thing like 9600 or 12600, for the i7 you’d see 12700 or 9700. The number before the hundredths digit is the generation. So a current gen (12th) i5 would be better than a much older i7 8700 (8th gen) for example. There’s a 4 generation difference in technology and everything else that goes into them

What’s the deal with 11th gen Intel? Are you saying it wasn’t much of an improvement over 10th gen?

That is exactly the case.

In some ways (10900K -> 11900K) it was even the opposite of improvement.

Every new generation of processors is faster than …

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