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How to choose your pen

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What makes a good pen:


the weight and shape of the pen, plus the material it's made of, determine how the pen feels in your hand.

Some people prefer lighter pens, others prefer the feel of a hefty pen. If you're writing very quickly, a lighter pen won't tire your hand as quickly, but a heavier pen will give you more control.

Some pens taper from a thick barrel to the writing point (Parker jotter), while others have a straight barrel nearly all the way to the writing point (Cross century). Other pens will have a rubber grip above the writing point (pilot g2, uni ball signo 207, and most plastic ballpoints). The shape all comes down to personal preference, which is usually decided by the size of your hand and grip technique. However, I have heard people claim that a thicker pen takes less effort to hold, therefore it does not tire the hand as quickly.

Focusing on the grip, pen materials usually fall into one of 3 categories: rubber, plastic/resin, or metal. A rubber grip is lightweight and tactile, which makes the pen easy to …

Đứa con của Thượng đế - Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan

I. Thuở sơ khai

Ngày xưa mình đọc được trong những quyển sách, bài báo, rằng có những người đạt được những năng lực tưởng như siêu nhiên, kiểu như thần đồng toán học không cần ai chỉ dạy cũng có thể hiểu và làm được những phép toán kỳ diệu.

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